Ta Da! The interchangeable line

Well, here it is folks. The attachments for the interchangeable line! Buy an interchangeable hair clip and it can be attached to any of the following pieces. See the little velcro piece? There's velcro on the hair clip too and just stick the two together. Ta Da! No more having babies or children grow too big for a headband - just purchase the larger band size! Or a different color! Mommy and daughter can share accessories. I'm all about items being versatile!

The 5/8 inch headband comes in 5/8 inch headband comes in white, black, red, pink, fushia, soft pink, lavender, purple, dark purple, turquoise, charcoal, dark cream, cream, and navy.

The brooch attachment.

1/4 inch headband comes in white, black, and natural and fits toddler to adult.

The metal headband comes in silver and copper.

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